How To Use Coffee Grounds In Your Garden

How To Use Coffee Grounds In Your Garden

You can find many useful things for your garden in your kitchen. For example, milk, eggs or coffee. Coffee grounds can do magic in your garden, not necessarily in the ways you would expect.

Coffee Grounds To Increase Plant Nutrition

Coffee grounds contain 2% of nitrogen, and as these grounds decompose, the low nitrogen level in them, acts as long-acting fertilizer. Coffee grounds also provide a healthy and slight dose of other basic nutrients like phosphorus and potassium, secondary nutrients like magnesium and copper of which potassium, magnesium and copper portions are used by plants right away.

Coffee Grounds In Soil

Coffee grounds improve soil structure directly and in no time. Poor soil, low in organic matter benefits from scratch when coffee grounds are applied. Coffee grounds in soil also improve the seed germination and growth of plant. What is more advantageous is that they prevent soil borne diseases like wilts, fungal rots and some bacterial pathogens.

Coffee Grounds Compost

If you’re about to add coffee grounds to your compost piles, restrict it to the range of 20 to 25 percent only, higher levels than this can suppress beneficial microorganisms, so do not overdo it. Balance your compost with other organic materials: residue of grass clippings, dry leaves or similar composting materials.

Coffee Grounds Mulching

Coffee ground mulching is becoming popular, because of the claims that they deter pests and pets away, prevent weeds and aerate the soil. But you should know, coffee grounds are fine in texture and their use as mulch works best only in combination with coarse organic mulches. If used alone, in thick layer, coffee grounds can dry and compact the soil and keep moisture out, not in. To use them for mulching, always put thin, half-inch layer of coffee grounds with a layer of coarsely textured organic materials. Leaves, compost or barks and twigs work to form a layer of mulch, favorable and permeable.

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How To Use Coffee Grounds In Your Garden
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How To Use Coffee Grounds In Your Garden